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Nearly all cameras produce noisy pictures in low light. Here's why, and how you can fix it.

First, you need to check that your HDR settings are set up correctly. Open the Settings app from the home screen, and select Camera. Click here to download this free report. If your iPhone camera has Portrait mode , you can easily blur the background when taking pictures. Portrait mode uses depth-effect software to keep your foreground subject sharp while blurring the background. In the iPhone Camera app, select the Portrait shooting mode at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the yellow Portrait option at the top of the screen to remove the blur effect from your photo. Depth-control allows you to adjust the strength of the background blur… after taking the photo. Drag the slider left or right to make the blur stronger or weaker. Do you find it hard to capture great action photos of moving subjects? But the iPhone has a hidden camera feature that helps you shoot amazing action photos. You activate burst mode by holding down the shutter button. Within this burst of images, you should have at least one photo with your subject in the perfect position or pose.

To avoid filling up your iPhone, you can keep the best images from the burst and delete the rest.

6 Mobile Photography Tips you must know - 2018

Find your burst and tap to open it. Burst mode is such an easy camera feature to use. And it will instantly improve your chances of shooting stunning action photos. In this example, notice how the 2x telephoto lens has magnified the peacock, allowing more of it to fill the frame.

Now, you might already know that the iPhone camera offers another way to zoom in.

Table Of Contents: Mobile Photography Tips

With digital zoom, the image is cropped as you zoom in. The more you zoom in, the poorer the image quality becomes. If your iPhone comes with the telephoto lens, zoom in using the 1x icon for high-quality close-up shots. A fast shutter speed freezes any movement in the scene, including camera movement. So in bright light, your shots will usually be nice and sharp. But in low light conditions, the camera has to use a slower shutter speed. This lets more light in over a longer period of time. During this longer exposure time, any movement including camera movement will be captured as a blur or streak.

And this is why you often get blurry photos when shooting in low light or at night. If you have an iPhone tripod and iPhone tripod mount , you can use them to keep your iPhone perfectly still when shooting. Just do whatever you can to keep your iPhone as still as possible — especially when shooting in low light.

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And blurry iPhone photos will be a thing of the past! Good composition is what sets apart an average photo from an amazing one. Composing a visually pleasing image involves careful positioning of the important elements in the frame. So how do you decide where to place your main subject or focal point?

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You use the rule of thirds! This creates more balanced and natural compositions — compositions that are engaging and pleasing to the eye. To switch on the gridlines, open the Settings app from the home screen of your iPhone. Scroll down and select Camera. For example, you could position your main subject on one of the vertical lines, or where two gridlines meet.

So make sure you switch it on.

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And use it to help you decide where to position the most important parts of the scene. But remember, rules are made to be broken! And if the scene is symmetrical, you can use a central composition to create perfect symmetry in your photo. Use leading lines. To ensure the leading line creates a sense of depth in your photo , frame the shot so that the line starts in the foreground.

12 Mobile Photography Tips Every Photographer Should Know

This is such a simple composition technique. But it will have a huge impact on your mobile photography. Then use them to create incredible depth in your pictures. Would the scene look more interesting if you shoot from a low angle? Shooting from a low perspective is great for making foreground subjects loom large in your photo.

You could also get closer to your subject to capture its intricate detail. You can create fabulous abstract images by getting close and filling the frame. This adds wonderful foreground interest to your photo. And it draws the eye through the frame towards the background. For really unique images, try shooting through a semi-transparent object. First, try to include only one main subject in your photo.

The more subjects you have, the more confusing the photo will be. And it creates wonderful, minimalist photos that really catch the eye. Free Video Reveals Table Of Contents: Mobile Photography Tips Click any title link below to go straight to that section of the article: 1. A dirty lens will leave smudges, blurs, or dust spots on your photos. Use a soft cloth or even your t-shirt to gently wipe the lens.

Cleaning the lens might seem obvious. It will make a big difference to the clarity of your photos. Simply compose your shot, then tap on the screen where you want to set focus. A yellow box will appear to indicate the focus point. Now, just press the shutter button to take your photo. The area that you set focus on will appear crisp and sharp. Anything in front of or behind the focus point may appear out of focus. Setting the focus is one of the best mobile photography tips you can learn.

Adjust Exposure For Perfect Brightness Levels Do your photos often turn out too bright over-exposed or too dark under-exposed? So, how do you ensure your photos have the perfect level of brightness?

Start by tapping to set focus. Social PR Instagram. Keep yourself from posting everything. Only post the best.