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2. The Experience Actually Happened

After the hypnosis, all participants were asked to play the puzzle the second time for PHA group and reported the feelings of playing. In the PHA condition, if a participant reported no memory of completing the puzzle game during hypnosis, researchers scored the participant as passing the suggestion.

In the PHF condition, if participants reported that the puzzle game felt familiar, researchers would score the participant as passing the suggestion. It turns out that, both in the PHA and PHF conditions, 5 participants passed the suggestion and 1 did not, which is Some participants in PHA group related the familiarity when completing the puzzle with an exact event happened before, which is more likely to be a phenomenon of source amnesia. Other participants started to realize that they may have completed the puzzle game during hypnosis, which is more akin to the phenomenon of breaching.

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In contrast, participants in PHF group reported that they felt confused about the strong familiarity of this puzzle but feeling of play it just sliding across their mind. Some experts suggest that memory is a process of reconstruction, rather than a recall of fixed, established events. This reconstruction comes from stored components, involving elaborations, distortions, and omissions. Each successive recall of an event is merely a recall of the last reconstruction.

This reconstruction, however, may now differ so much from the original event that we "know" we have never experienced it before, even though it seems similar. Efron found that the brain's sorting of incoming signals is done in the temporal lobe of the brain's left hemisphere. However, signals enter the temporal lobe twice before processing, once from each hemisphere of the brain, normally with a slight delay of milliseconds between them.

Efron proposed that if the two signals were occasionally not synchronized properly, then they would be processed as two separate experiences, with the second seeming to be a re-living of the first. Jamais vu from French, meaning "never seen" is any familiar situation which is not recognized by the observer.

Jamais vu is more commonly explained as when a person momentarily does not recognize a word, person, or place that they already know. Jamais vu is sometimes associated with certain types of aphasia , amnesia , and epilepsy. Theoretically, a jamais vu feeling in a sufferer of a delirious disorder or intoxication could result in a delirious explanation of it, such as in the Capgras delusion , in which the patient takes a known person for a false double or impostor.

The feeling has been evoked through semantic satiation. Chris Moulin of the University of Leeds asked 95 volunteers to write the word "door" 30 times in 60 seconds. Patients justify their feelings of familiarity with beliefs bordering on delusion.

Déjà Vu

The feeling is often therefore associated with a frustrating, tantalizing sense of incompleteness or near-completeness. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Mystery of déjà vu explained – it’s how we check our memories

For other uses, see Deja Vu disambiguation. Main article: Jamais vu. Capgras delusion Intuition knowledge Psychological repression Screen memory. Retrieved Psychological Bulletin. R; Moulin, C. Current Psychiatry Reports. Oxford University Press.

What science says about why we get déjà vu - Business Insider

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Memory, Stress, Fatigue … Oh My!

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