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It is a member of the Chinese dog breed group.

Chow Chow Dog Breed Information and Personality Traits

They were originally used as a sporting and hunting dog and Chinese aristocrats used them to hunt game birds. In fact, one Chinese emperor was said to have had a kennel of 5,! Since then, Chows have taken on many roles. These include herding, carting, guarding and hauling. Or simply being pets. The history of this breed alone is packed with intriguing fun facts. They were taken abroad from By the s, the British Queen Victoria had one.

One extra fun fact? They are known to have a serious foot fetish.

A few celebrities have owned and treasured a Chow in their lifetime. Here are some of the distinguished owners of this dignified breed:. One belief is that long ago in China, Chows were a food source! However, a more common explanation comes from the 18th-century British Empire.

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This breed is reported to be related to Spitz dogs of the Nordic type. They are also said to be similar to the mastiff—sturdy, squarely built powerful dogs. These dogs are compact yet strong. They have a high-set tail that is carried close to their back and are known for their shorter, stilted gait. This gait is due to their unusually straight hind legs. Chows have a distinct appearance—possibly as a combination of their many unique features. First, they have a large head with a broad, flat skull and a short, deep muzzle.

Another striking feature is their tongue. When this breed is young, its tongue is pink like any other dog.

Your Rough Coated Chow Chow's Health

However, as they get older, their tongues turn a unique blue or black. Overall, they are a medium sized dog. A fully-grown male stands inches tall and weighs lbs.

How To Potty Train A Chow Chow Puppy - Chow Chow House Training Tips - Chow Chow Puppies

The typical weight for a female is lbs. They stand inches tall. These dogs can have any solid color. They may also have lighter patches. These will usually be found on their ruff, tail, and the back of their upper hind legs. Chows are dignified, serious, and aloof dogs. These dogs are keenly intelligent and have an independent spirit. They are also known to be reserved and suspicious around strangers.

With family, however, these dogs are very loyal. This is a natural watchdog. So, it is essential that you socialize your puppy from the day they arrive home.

Chow Chow Dog Breed: History, Temperament, Care, Training & more - Dogs and Dog Advice

Due to their history as guard dogs, these dogs need to be seriously trained. You will also need to meet both parents. And ensure that your aristocrat dog is comfortable around strangers. With puppy training classes, patience, and positive reinforcement, your pup can become a mannerly dog. It is best to avoid harsh training as Chows may struggle to trust owners who train harshly.

Videos like the one below are helpful to start. They can indeed be very stubborn when it comes to training. Also, be careful to avoid any strenuous exercise or rough play. With all that dense fur, these dogs are prone to overheating. Chows are also not huge fans of swimming, thanks to their coat. When wet, it can weigh them down a ton. Due to its deep-set eyes, this breed has limited peripheral vision. This means it is best approached from the front. In addition, they may suffer from eye issues. Hip and elbow dysplasia occurs when the joint socket is abnormally formed.

What it means is that the joint does not fit properly. This hereditary disorder can cause pain and even lameness in dogs. The most common thyroid issue with this breed is hypothyroidism. Some common symptoms of this are obesity, hair loss, and skin problems. Dogs can be diagnosed as young as eight weeks of age. Unfortunately, Chows are also classed as brachycephalic dogs. Regardless, the face of a Chow is still more flattened than their wolf ancestors. While not as extreme as some other breeds, be aware that they are still likely to have compromised breathing and overall health.

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  • Chows have folds of skin on their face. These are caused by shortened muzzles. This extra skin, however, can easily hide trapped dirt and bacteria. Dogs with brachycephaly are also likely to struggle with overheating. As mentioned before, this is something the this breed may have to deal with. When dogs overheat, they can become very uncomfortable and ill, and if not cooled fast enough they can even die. Another common problem with flat-faced dogs is teeth overcrowding.

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    • This can lead to dental decay. It makes sense then that due to the struggle to breathe, these dogs are likely to breathe noisily and snore. These dogs have two coats. All Chows have a soft undercoat, but they can have either a smooth or a rough topcoat. The rough coat is the more well-known type of Chow. On the other hand, smooth-coated Chows have a hard, dense, short outer coat. It has a heavy lion-like ruff and leg and tail feathering. This breed requires thorough brushing—at least twice a week. It will make sure their coat does not get matted.

      It is particularly important to avoid matting around the head. This breed should have a monthly bath.

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      Just make sure they are thoroughly dried afterward. This breed is becoming more and more popular. They currently rank in 74th place out of breeds on the AKC website. The good news is that they are serene, dignified dogs.