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Forgiveness for existing debt

I pay all of my bills. The loan interest is why my balance never goes down. Where is the help? Real help. Not more monthly payments. I went to high school in a district that readily cut the budget of any and all non-academic programs. Long story short I have a loan with a balance that never seems to shrink no matter how much of a monthly payment I make, all based on some arbitrary interest rate.

No one my age wants to get married, no one wants to have kids, no one wants to share this debt and credit burden. I could have gone to a fancy private school and gotten a better job. However, my parents promised to pay my tuition if I went to a public, in-state school.

How to stop spending money book

I chose to go to a state school for my graduate degree because the school offered me a good financial package. It is frustrating to see people complaining that they have debt when they chose to go to those brand-name schools I knew I could not afford. Graduated with , in student loan debt in I'm down to 59, I've paid off a car loan during that time as well. Proud of how far I've come but it sucks how much I've had to sacrifice when it comes to relationships or owning a house or having kids or seeing the world. Honestly my debt is all i think of sometimes. I will not stop until its gone and will not get myself into any other debt until my student loans are gone.

I feel that if you come out with that much debt you have to put everything else on hold. Its like a prison and if i ever do have kids i will never want them to spend 15 years after graduation living like a slave. I graduated from Dental School in , Right after school I wasn't aware that deferment was an option , my student loans went into default. It took me some time to pass the board , but as soon as I did , I applied for a consolidation of all my loans and I began repayment.

My loans were sold to various agencies. I felt positive about my ability to pay them off one day. But in , the federal government informed me that one of my student loans were not consolidated and that in , they received a judgement against me for a Heal Loan, my address on that loan application is my parent address , I never received any information until I did not have the resources to fight this lawsuit and I worked out a repayment schedule, little did I know that I was going to be put on a list called the Office of the Inspector General that excludes me from treating any medical patient or any Federal Funding Programs.

As a result , I am being persecuted and denied to make money that would actually allow me to pay the government back.

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I am 57 yeas old , I cant buy a House , I am reject for high paying position due to this exclusion and I will not be taken off their list until I pay the entire amount. This is such an unfair treatment in light that my other loans I have been paying for almost 30 years and I still owe 31, I thought that if I got an education I could make a better life for myself , but I find that my friends who got regular jobs are planning their retirements and have lived a fuller life. I don't know where to turn to, I feel I will never be able to pay off this loan and I feel that the government doesn't want me to pay it off.

Having paid already , on a 55, loan I think i deserve to be forgiven for the rest. But I have no way of knowing if this is even possible?

Baby Step 1: Save $1,000 to Start an Emergency Fund

If anyone knows of any programs available please let me know. Thank You for just reading my story. I came from a family of farmers. There were school teachers and band leaders in my ancestoral history, but blue was the collar color for my parents and their parents. In college, I excelled. I was in the library more than my apartment. I was ravenous for knowledge, I loved to write. I honed a study method and graduated summa cum laude with my BS in Elementary Education.

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I should have stopped there. At the time of my graduation, I was already buried in debt. Just imagine it for a minute. You think about your empty fridge, your credit card bill, your bald tires and utility bills. You think about your shoes with holes in them and the fact that well heeled peers make comments about your clothes being out of style.

You take the check. A graduate degree was required as a teacher in NY within 3 years of being hired. I want itemized documents and paper trails to prove that the debt has not been written off and sold for pennies to collection agencies. I had to claim chapter 7 when I tried to start my own business, and only when I die will the student loan debt be forgiven. Meanwhile, the CEOs and Deans, etc. I graduated in with a BA in sociology. I have had jobs working with people with disabilities and now the elderly. I make little money and support my family. They are harassing me every day telling me they will garnish my wages.

My payment amount last year was over a grand a month. I applied for an adjustment per my income. Can I hire a lawyer to get this reduced? That is ridiculous. I would still owe as much due to principal and interest on the loan. What can I do? I am a first generation college graduate and have struggled my whole life toward financial independence. At the same time, I have a genuine desire to help and heal others, which means I have been a middle school teacher did ok , then a yoga teacher and studio start-up hand to mouth every month , and finally decided to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy at 36, when I lost my yoga business overnight.

The only school I was accepted to was in the bay area, California, where there is also an intense housing crisis. I was homeless when I started school and then had to move 5 X before graduation w no assistance from my school. The curricula is so demanding think medial school , even the 25 year olds I went to school w had no time for another job, and I feared failing out multiple times since moving in the bay area requires aggressive online searching and thousands of dollars.

Even w a 60k scholarship, I graduated w k debt. During my "grace period" my loans grew to k and the interest compounds daily. This should be the happiest time of my life, having achieved such a huge milestone and knowing I'm helping people every day, but instead I feel miserable.

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I want to work in pediatrics, but have to do home health bc it pays better. Worse still, I have chronic back pain and cannot tolerate a 40 hour week or I will destroy my body and burn out fast. So I have to work 4 days, receive no benefits, am ineligible for PLSF, and have no retirement at 41, kids are out of. So I have to work 4 days, receive no benefits, am ineligible for PLSF, and have no retirement at 41, kids are out of the question and I feel like no one will ever want to marry me w this huge albatross around my neck.

I know my life is worth more than this debt, but the fact that suicide is on my list of options is scary.

Tuition-free college

I am alone in this and need help, it's all I can think about. I cry every time I call nelnet and they "make a change" to my plan and the interest recapitalizes.

I cry sometimes on my way to work bc I feel like an indentured servant.