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There seems to be a recent issue with Seen By in a Group, it has dramatically reduce in number, but people are telling me that they have seen the post? Quick question… for some reason when I post to a group that I moderate I am not the group owner it posts as me. I am an admin and have been for a while. I have been trying to figure out how to post as the group name and not as myself.

Can you help? Anyone else have this issue or can help? Is there a certain type of group it needs to be in order to have this option. Can you tell if a person who has been added to the group has actually accepted the request from another member? But no-one knows who is the administrator or who set it up. Can we still close this group??? I set up a Club group and a club page,all the admins on the group used to be able to post as ADMIN but now it seems that that option has been removed or settings have changed.

How do we get that facility back as some things,information etc need to be posted by ADMIN rather than an individual club committee member. I have a page with a link and 35 people have liked my page but have not joined the group. Why does fb ask ppl to like the page of a promotion? How do I remove the like page and change it to join group?

When I share my website link to facebook post. My website has no content that violates fb community guidelines. My website link is namobot. What happened to topics. They were the best Idea ever. So I just started a singles group right.. And apparently I ruffle some feathers unintentionally. That was on the 28th. So I do my research and discover it could be 21 days. So I build a knew one. Just after I got on a weekendation.

When I get back, the facebook update has rolled out. Now from the looks of things because I belong to other groups, had I at least made one topic, I would have been golden. I would have at least been able to get to it. However that was not the case at all. Now since the rollout and new group and no heads up. I really liked how the topics were placed on the right. And on a side note.

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I am glad they combined the app and the browser side settings to all match. That is nice. Lol anybody with any suggestions would be great. Great info and I appreciate it!

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When I try to add tags it wants to self populate with FB Groups. I do accept as true with all the ideas you have presented for your post. They are really convincing and will definitely work. I am a part of a Facebook group which is involved with quilting. They have recently encouraged members to display their blocks by adding them to albums created for each block. Previously the feed was a pleasure to scroll because each post came up individually.

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Now, however, the Album pops up instead, which is a royal pain. I have discovered that I can force my post into the feed by commenting on it myself. But the album still pops up too. My question is this: Is there a way that the Admins can make it so that Albums never pop up in the feed when new items are added to them?

Or better still, can individual members customize the behavior of albums in their own feeds. I have already posted my discovery about commenting your own post, but that does not solve the annoying album behavior. Any thoughts?

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It really is hard to come by educated people for this topic, but you seem like do you know what you are dealing with! Our school parent organization wants to create a group for the parents. I would create a group chat! Works great for me to inform my group members of important posts or a live that will be forthcoming. I moderate a group with around 1, people, and it is VERY time-intensive.

My biggest problem is identifying new replies. Sometimes I see a blue line on new replies, and sometimes I see a time stamp on the last reply. However, this is inconsistent. I was recently invited to a private group and was sent via email a join link. I hit the link and got an error. What needs to be done to join??? How do I fix this? We are trying to use Facebook groups for our church. Is there any way around this privacy issue? Excellent article. Or is the group page totally independent of the business page.

Thank you. Sir group post are not showing members new feed like or comment also decrease resently I am change the setting public to private but after few hour I again changed its into public group but problem are that member are not find any single post of a group. Sir recently I am change the setting of my group public to private but after few hours I am again changed into a public now members are report that they not find any single post on new feed like or comment also decrease.

Excellent guideline. I appropriate you write really good content. But some people face problem for buying group members. Because If you have lots of group members then possible to get traffic for your websites. Great article thank you for taking the time to write in such detail. Do you know what would be causing this and how I can fix it?

The exact same thing is happening in my closed FB group. So aggravating! The same thing is happening to me and has been for a few weeks now. I have over a members. Does anyone else know? In this article it mentions where you can contact Facebook and ask them a question. Anyone else? What is up with that? It goes against what this article says about prioritizing FB groups over pages!!

These people WANT to see the posts.

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You cant fix it. Read my other comments on this page. Fb has destroyed the essence of what a fb group used to mean. Its become a mish mash of hyped up technology. Inconsistent from one day to another.

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What does the hand symbol next to my name mean when I post in a group? Are there any other symbols that appear after the users name? I have a buy sell tread group.