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Included is an image of River Road, which shows the landscape equally bare. It does mention, though, Satans Kingdom is an unincorporated community in the town of Northfield. This explains the nonexistent census data. But information for Northfield says nothing of Satans Kingdom. This explanation is sound but not valid. Europeans and Natives were massacred by each other on multiple occasions from the s through the mids spanning the Connecticut River Valley.

Perhaps most infamous was the engagement between Captain William Turner and a Native force. Turner marched his or so men from Northampton to the falls and, one early morning in May, led an attack on an unguarded Native encampment. Completely surprised, many fled into the woods to survive.

Their wigwams were burned and razed to the ground. Turner may have even felt a surge of victory.

Unknown to him, the Natives rallied and attacked Turner guerilla-style, surrounding and descending on him and his men in retreat. In all, Turner, about 40 of his comrades, and some Natives, were slain. But Satans Kingdom is located some 10 miles northward up the Connecticut River and as such, this particular battle had no bearing on the naming. Another explanation for Satans Kingdom is the surrounding wilderness. Watch the video linked above.

Needless to say, I was unconvinced. The noted pirate Captain Kidd essentially smuggled himself into Boston in , hoping that with the promise of clemency the charges of piracy against him would be dropped. He was imprisoned in Boston , the present-day intersection of Court, State, and Washington Streets, and after about a year was sent to England where he was tried, found guilty, hanged, and gibbetted for three years.

Kidd would spend the first three years of his afterlife locked in a cage hanging over the Thames River, his treasure supposedly hidden undisturbed on the remote Western Mass. Locally, folklore became rumor which in turn became likelihood. A man named Abner Field and two associates, at midnight, on a full moon, under the protection of a spell that requires absolute silence, treasure location in hand, made their way to the spot disappointingly not marked by an X. Working in complete silence, they dug until they struck metal. Even after the search died down, Prester John's kingdom continued to appear on maps; it didn't disappear until the late 17th century.

Translations of the Letter of Prester John: a modern translation , the translation by Robert Williams , and Latin for the hardcore enthusiast. Names from Prester John's kingdom In the 12th century, an emperor known as Prester John Priest John wrote a letter to the courts of Europe begging for help in defending his country from infidels. What names have been chosen for your Kingmaker campaigns, for both the Kingdom and it's cities?

I'm curious whether players opted for serious realistic names, more fantasy inspired names or more comedic names? I am certain your mileage will vary depending on your group. Comedic groups will head towards the comedic, your more dramatic groups towards the former two options. For my group, the kingdom is Chymal, the capital is Lelarin, and the other two cities are Leveton named after the Levetons, of course , and Candlemere.

Chymal and Lelarin have special significance to my players, being a callback to the first RPG we all played together. Nation : Kamedon Named after the kames, from which the kamelands get their name. Capital : Elkheart Reference to Erastil. As a side note, the group plays in a RL city called Elkhart.


One of the players suggested this as a joke, but he presented it in-game as a tribute to Erastil, making a case and building up to the name as a reveal. And while we were laughing, we had to admit, it made perfect sense. Especially since half of the party are devout followers. Leadership Council : Council of the Stormlords I do weather in my game ahead of time, and during the initial explorations, the dice had given me quite a few thunderstorms and even a couple of tornadoes at key moments. So the group is of the opinion that the Greenbelt is a Land of Storms.

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My group has started the Barony of the Elk, which I thought was a good name, given their constant encounters with the big elk. However, their creaticity ran out with the selection of a city name, and they ended uop with Venis, short for Venison, their attempt at a bad joke on the kingdom name. Anyway, it stuck, and they've run with it, and the people don't know what it stands for. My PCs firmly established their reputation as 'The Order of the Black Shield', and thus they established the Barony of the Black Shieldlands, ruled by Baron Blackshield, from his home in Blackshield Keep the name of the castle in Castle Blackshield the name of the city and planning their expansion to the city of Oleg's Fort.

The name Heimskringla was first used in the 17th century, derived from the first two words of one of the manuscripts kringla heimsins - the circle of the world. Heimskringla is a collection of tales about the Norwegian kings, beginning with the legendary Swedish dynasty of the Ynglings, followed by accounts of historical Norwegian rulers from Harald Fairhair of the 9th century up to the death of the pretender Eystein Meyla in The exact sources of his work are disputed, but included earlier kings' sagas, such as Morkinskinna, Fagrskinna and the twelfth century Norwegian synoptic histories and oral traditions, notably many skaldic poems.

Snorri had himself visited Norway and Sweden. For events of midth century, Snorri explicitly names the now lost work Hryggjarstykki as his source. The composition of the sagas is Snorri's. This name of a collection of stories could represent the aspect of new rulers beginning their stories, of the exploration and foundation of a new nation. These earlier authors say that Arthur's capital was Caerleon which Chretien also mentions , while even the later recaster of Arthurian material in English, Sir Thomas Malory, has Arthur re-crowned at "Carlion". The still-visible Roman amphitheatre at Caerleon has been associated with Arthur's 'Round-Table' element of the tales[6] and has been suggested as a possible source for the legend.

It also has the ruler's name, Leon, in it. City Two Oleg's : Porthgill I forget the original words for this, it's a respelling of some Russian or Norse combination of words meaning Entrance to the Wild or some such. Other cities - Jimsylvania Olegs , Marie Falls, Meganburge, Skagway because it's hundreds of miles from all the others, but you can see Zhentil Keep from the porch , JanHold actually Flower Falls, but only the citizens of the town call it that, everyone else calls it Janhold - it's Jan's city , oh, and Bogtown formerly Fort Drelev, but the army of boggarts is stationed there, so..

Remembering the official religion of the kingdom is Sune, god of dance and beauty, and brothels are required in every town - considered as shrines.


Oh, does anyone know what an owlbear is supposed to weigh? Whatever it is, Reggie's son feeds it chicken and potatoes and moonberry pudding and the occasional kobold and it weighs at least twice what an owlbear is supposed to weigh. Tends to lay around and eat while the kid practices acrobatics off its belly, and so on. While the Baron is human, two of the party members the Marshal and the Magister are forlorn elves from Restov. Second City : Levetown Oleg's former trading post. Baron : Marcian Faustus a bastard of House Lebeda. They have land cleared at Oleg's old trading post for another settlement, but they have suddenly found themselves occupied by more pressing matters book 5. Capital city: D'verek playing around with an online audio Russian translator resulted in this Largest Building: The Founder's Hall the guildhall that was the first building built, in honor of the different laborer guilds City built at Oleg's: Levegrad Half of Oleg's last name First national holiday: Currently can't remember, but it boils down to "That Day when we beat the crap out of that werewolf Day". Kingdom: Veilgate, because they are on the boundary of the first world 1st city: Olegton yes, they randomly chose the same thing as the game designers Capitol: Lake Citadel Stag Lord's Fort.

Kingdom: Grunwald. This is pronounced in psuedo-German, so the 'w' has a 'v' sound. I was originally a PC in the group, destined to become king which I did , but the day we started on the kingdom building was the day I had to take over as GM, ending my say in the kingdom's growth or naming.

I was originally led to believe that this would be a temporary name. However, weeks later, when I re-opened the topic to discussion the group was aghast that I would dare to think of renaming the kingdom, so Gurnwald stuck, much to my chagrin.

Still has a cool name I think. Capitol: Greenwall. Built at the location of the Stag Lord's fort. We swung for the fences on creative names as you can see. Later I had the king work with a semi-PC druid to have ivy and creepers cover the castle's exterior walls to give the name some meaning. Official Holidays: There is a multi-week holiday period extending from the Summer Solstice to Archersfeast on the 3rd of Erastil, with the Founder's Day the day the kingdom was officially recognized falling on the first of the Erastil.

Also, the Duke's birthday April 5th, not sure what that is in Golarian reckoning is a holiday. And after last week's adventure I imagine that the 1st of August will be a date celebrated later death of two founder PC's reaches the capitol and former diplomat Akiros chooses then to stage an unsucessful coup. He turned on the Stag Lord, why not the PCs? Kingdom: Empyreanae [preferred pronunciation: em-pir-ee-ah-nay] derived from empyrean ["Heavenly Fire"].

While our kingdom was small, 'Baron Bheren' was very eager to grow it, if only to leave that title behind. Next tick we're expecting to assimilate Tatzlford. Other Cities: Olegstead was: Oleg's Trading Post- now a trading hub Templeton built around the Temple of the Stag - now a religious and educational center Tatzlford Varnhold Varnhold Pass consists of a single watchtower Southport old ferry station?

Kingdom : Shieldlands yeah, they're all ex-LG players Capital : Staghart They wanted something that is associated with the Temple of the Elk, and the statue. The leader is a Paladin of Erastil so they wanted the Stag theme. Future cities will maintain this theme. You mean Lamaschanfest, right? Because there is no Oktober on Golarion The nation is Ardea from ardor , its Capital Nepenthast from nepenthe, the mythical drug of forgetfulness. Other ideas for the Capital were Stagsfall though that was deemed insufficiently pompous for a capital.