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The speakers will come in handy for the dance parties Mullins throws her students throughout the day to reward good behavior, and the signed poster is sitting on her desk, facing outward. I definitely have a little Taylor-dedicated corner in my classroom. And there are only teardrops of gratitude on her guitar. How can you possibly what can you send to a worldwide superstar who just sent all these things to you? If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser. For turning notifications on or off on Google Chrome and Android click here , for Firefox click here , for Safari click here and for Microsoft's Edge click here.

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Hallmark's Andrew Walker Finds the Christmas Spirit on — Gasp! — Lifetime

Courtesy Katie Mullins. Katie Mullins and her gifts from Taylor Swift.

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Close Share options. Manage Push Notifications If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser. Chenkov had been trained and programmed to become a Russian sleeper agent to infiltrate the US as an American where she attended Princeton University. Orlov was the one who had trained Salt to be a Russian spy, and he called her "my greatest creation. Salt claimed her innocence, although Ted at first supportive grew more suspicious of her. She went on the run as a rogue agent in flight, relentlessly chased and pursued by CIA agent Peabody "We bring her in or we bring her down".

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She discovered that her husband Mike had been kidnapped from their apartment. She eluded capture by her quick-thinking, nimble and clever skills, and a number of disguises including black-dyed hair. She was present at the funeral, collapsed the church altar-floor under where the Russian President was standing, and apparently shot and killed him. As expected, anti-American protests erupted, and the new Russian president promised: "We will strike back.

Salt surrendered, but then escaped a second time, and proceeded to an East River barge - the undercover headquarters of Orlov and about a dozen other sleeper agents that she had grown up with. To test Salt's allegiance to the Russians, Orlov who had earlier escaped custody and killed two CIA agents killed Salt's bound and gagged husband Mike in front of her.

She didn't react, although after the test, she killed Orlov with a broken glass shard slicing his neck and the other sleeper agents. A deadly attack was executed, causing the removal of the President for protection to an underground security bunker eight stories below the White House. She followed down the elevator shaft, and stealthily entered the secured area. In the bunker's control room, the US President readied the US's nuclear missiles, in response to a report that the Soviets had mobilized their arsenal.

And then, within the decision room, CIA agent Winter shockingly shot and killed all of the attending personnel, but spared the President. After announcing his real name, he then shot the President to incapacitate him when he wouldn't follow his directions. Salt was eventually able to break into the sealed control center, to prevent Winter from creating a nuclear disaster.

They struggled and fought each other - and she was bloodied in the face and shot in the process she was wearing a vest , but successfully aborted the missile firing sequence. However, she was apprehended, blamed, and being transported away when she saw an opportunity to kill Winter - she garrotted him with her handcuff chains, lept over the stairway, and with the weight of her body, she broke his neck. As she was enroute in a helicopter to FBI headquarters, she told Peabody why she killed Winter "Because somebody had to" - because he was a trained Soviet agent.

She also said she deliberately decided not to kill Matveyev or Peabody when she had the chance. Now only she could hunt down the remainder of the KA sleeper agents trained and planted by Orlov.

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A text message confirmed that Salt's fingerprints had been found at the barge affirming that Salt had killed Orlov and the agents. In the film's unlikely solution, Peabody believed her enough "Go get them" to release her to jump into the freezing Potomac River below and escape by running through the woods, to further her search. This psychological thriller was the first of a franchise of seven Saw films, including:. In each film, the central character was the figure either alive or dead of:. He was again devising impossible live-or-die situations for victims who lacked an appreciation for life.

They had to make outrageous moral choices to survive in the brutal trap-filled environments, while inflicting themselves with lethal wounds. Two men were kidnapped and imprisoned in a large, sealed industrial bathroom:. They were chained by their ankles to pipes on opposite ends of the room.

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Between them was a dead corpse on the floor lying in a pool of blood from a self-inflicted gunshot wound with a gun in his hand , along with tapes to be played by each man. Lawrence learned from his recording that he had to kill Adam within 8 hours by 6 o'clock or his wife Alison Gordon Monica Potter and daughter Diana Makenzie Vega would die. Adam learned that he had to escape the bathroom - presumably both would use the hacksaws to saw off their limbs "He wants us to cut through our feet! As the deadline approached, hospital orderly Zep Hindle Michael Emerson , who was monitoring the two men with video surveillance, broke into Lawrence's house and attacked his family.

Zep was planning to murder them if Lawrence failed to kill Adam by 6 am. After Lawrence sawed off his own leg to break free, he shot Adam with the corpse's gun but it was a non-lethal wound in the shoulder and then crawled away for help and presumably bled to death. When Zep entered the bathroom, Adam grabbed a toilet tank lid and bashed Zep to death. A tape revealed that Zep was also under the control of the "Jigsaw Killer" in order to save himself from a slow poisoning death and acquire an antidote.

The film's twist was that the true mastermind behind the entire scheme was the man posing as the bloodied dead body on the floor. The dead body rose up, removed some of his makeup, and revealed himself as terminally-ill brain cancer patient, John Kramer - the "Jigsaw Killer" Tobin Bell Flashback: "He's a very interesting person.

His name is John As the killer left the darkened and sealed bathroom, Adam heard his words: "Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you, not any more Game over. Philip K. Dick's science-fiction novel was adapted by director Richard Linklater for his visually-incredible, black comedy conspiracy-thriller filmed in computer-rotoscoped style.

It told about the semi-distant, totalitarian, dystopic future where 'Big Brother'-styled surveillance ruled, and a brain-deadening super-drug called Substance D had caused many users to become intensely paranoid with split personalities. The government had instituted high-tech surveillance on the addicted population and the drug producing and distributing underworld, and hired a number of informants and undercover agents. Keanu Reeves was undercover narcotics cop Agent Fred his real name was Bob Arctor , who was called upon to reluctantly spy on his friends.

He was to report his findings to his senior officer-boss "Hank". One of his targets was:. He was living alone after being abandoned by his wife and two children in the past. As he monitored the tapes of surveillance activity, he wore an identity-blurring, shape-shifting 'scramble suit' to protect himself. Arctor lived with two lazy housemates, both drug-users who had problems of their own:. Along with his drugged-up roommates, Arctor was slowly losing his identity, burning out, becoming paranoid, having cognitive brain issues, and acting psychotic and crazy because of his own addictive drug use in his undercover position.

His drug of choice was the deadly Substance D. And then to complicate matters, as Agent Fred, he was ordered to investigate himself as Arctor. He was also having problems with Donna who refused his overtures for sex because of her own excessive coke use. Bob's druggie pal and housemate Jim Barris ratted on him to 'Hank', who was soon revealed, when removing a scramble suit, to be Donna. She was part of a plan to have Arctor become addicted and then committed to the New Path Recovery Center at the Santa Ana residence facility , where he would be transferred to a farm to work with plants including a blue flower used to manufacture Substance D.

He was to undergo tests, live in a cell marked 4-G, and given a new name - 'Bruce'. In the final scene set in a General Burger fast-food restaurant, Donna now code-named 'Audrey' met with fellow undercover agent 'Mike' Dameon Clarke working inside New Path. They discussed how the addicted 'Bruce' "a burnt-out husk" was being used to infiltrate into the workings of New Path.

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They could then prove their case, once 'Bruce' was fully hooked and could produce evidence against it, that New Path was manufacturing and distributing the addictive substance "It matters when we can prove that New Path is the one growing, manufacturing and distributing". Mike further claimed:. I couldn't, and think how long I tried.

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They got that place locked up tight. They're only gonna let a burnt-out husk like Bruce in. You have to be, or they won't take the risk. However, 'Bruce's' addiction was quite a cost to pay for their undercover work to shut down New Path. Yeah, but to sacrifice someone, a living person, without them ever knowing it. I mean, if he'd understood, if he had volunteered, but he doesn't know and he never did.

He didn't volunteer for this. She worried that he would never regain his former self. She also pondered Arctor's sacrifice that she caused, and she asserted: "Look, Mike I gotta get out. I can't do this again. I want it to end We are colder than they are. I believe God's m. The whole process is hidden beneath the surface of our reality, and will only be revealed later. And even then, the people of the future, our children's children will never truly know this awful time that we have gone through and the losses we took.

Well, maybe some footnote in a minor history book.

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A brief mention with no list of the fallen. And then out at New Path, when 'Bruce' was working outdoors, he momentarily saw blue flowers "the flower of the future" hidden and growing in-between rows of corn in the field, he commented:. He plucked one sample to take with him to give to his friends as evidence for the authorities? The film ended with an epilogue from author Philip K. Dick: "This has been a story about people who were punished entirely too much for what they did.

I loved them all. Here is a list, to whom I dedicate my love. In memoriam. These were comrades whom I had; there are no better.