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Her father Bob Curtis Webster is a jovial church deacon while his mother a hilarious phone presence, voiced by Barbara Goodson is the stereotypical guilt-tripping Jewish mom. They manage to sweep most of their incompatibilities under the carpet until their relationship becomes serious. For the most part, Jason is goofy and love-struck, forever compromising and capitulating just to keep Faith happy.

But those discussions only add to his confusion. A random stranger on the golf course Dan Frischman seems to offer the most sensible advice, sharing insights about his dual-faith marriage. Weak writing that lacks finesse, jokes that land with a resounding thud and poor direction combine to produce sub-par performances. Two Roads Theatre , Tujunga Ave. Ed Araiza photo by Vanessa Cate. We train before every rehearsal, we train before every performance, and it gets harder as you get older, but we still do that.

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Now their paths converge again. And not because we all need to disappear into a fantasy for a couple of hours. But because it talks about all of these fractious things. Half of it is built on an industry that deals in fantasy and human imagination. And the lovers are all these sort of contract players that run away. And the fairies sort of harken to a time prior to the talkies.

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And for me the fairies are like the artists, the tempestuous young Orson Welles, that young Gloria Swanson, where they were really inventing the form. And they were mad. Are we working at that level? You know, half my career has been performing on German chic. We have an acting system now in this country … where when an actor says words, the words explain the situation. It explains why the body is the way the body is, or the story. And it matters. It really, really matters.

Particularly now because young artists more than ever need to make their own work. You just have to make it yourself now. So you have to do it yourself, you have to find your people, you have to find your space, and you know work laterally. Young Drive East, Westwood; Fri.

March 12 at 2 pm. She soon encounters Ray Wes McGee , the caretaker of the house and a landscaper. After some initial banter, she recognizes him as the boy she shared an exhilarating and memorable moment of teenage intimacy with a quarter of a century earlier. Ray, however, because of his involvement in a fatal incident of gay-bashing, has spent a decade in prison and struggles to live with the aftermath.

Dusk is a story that requires emotionally nuanced performances from the performers, a quality not in evidence here. Theatre Through March But Donnelly seems determined to treat the issues this situation raises in the most indirect way possible. But what payoff have Donnelly and Senior achieved with this switcheroo? When Rebecca arrives as she must because, in a cast of three, two-hander conversations are the order of the day they engage in brittle banter about their marriage.

In the wake of such self-conscious writing, it becomes well-nigh impossible to believe in or care about the wayward dead girl or her trio of broken survivors. Theatre, W.

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Pico Blvd. Running time: 95 minutes with no intermission. In the program, Posey notes that the story is not autobiographical, though it does contain elements of real life and is drawn from the stories of people he knew growing up in the Deep South. Posey sets his piece in Tupelo, Georgia, where high school football is King.

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Learning Outcomes: Attendees will gain i an insight into the realities of hosting postgraduate interns in private practice; ii an understanding of risks associated with hosting interns and how to minimise these; and iii how private practices and interns can mutually benefit from private practice placements. Dr Crawley will discuss the practical considerations for a successful placement program within a private practice, including cost efficiencies, client focussed care, building trust with local referrers, and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with universities.

Every professional and scientific society or association on earth has two obligations. One is to its members. The other is to its discipline, the hand that fed it. Accordingly, this address is presented in two main parts. The purpose of the second is to describe not only the common interests of the APS and IAAP in contributing to mainstream psychology but also the current state of involvement and cooperation between the two organizations of which a primary example is the hosting of the Melbourne International Congress of Applied Psychology and the range of mutual benefits accruing from it.

The address concludes with a third part which provides a commentary upon some of the personal insights that have been gained along the way and without which a good deal of the attainments of first part and some critical ones of the second part would never have been achieved. The story of my pathway to academia would parallel that of many of my colleagues in the profession. An undergraduate degree with honours, followed by a postgraduate qualification, in my case, a PhD. Looking back, it's now evident there was a key concept missing from this pedagogical framework — that of an Indigenous psychology in Australia.

It was the first of its kind in Australia, and it also shaped my own personal approach to the educational practice of psychology. In this paper I will share my personal insights for advancing the psychology discipline as an Indigenous psychology. Specifically, I will share my personal experiences in establishing relationships with Indigenous Australians in carrying out research collaborations, and how this has reinforced the importance of culture and context in our discipline. I will argue that the psychology discipline in general needs to free itself from its roots in Western cultures and embrace more of an Indigenous psychology approach to help usher in a new era for the discipline.

Aim: Frequent attenders in primary care have complex physical and mental healthcare needs as well as low satisfaction with their healthcare. Interventions targeting mental health or psychoeducation have not been effective in reducing attendance. Here, we test the proposition that both frequent attendance and poor health are partly explained by unmet social needs i. Results: All three studies found that low social group connectedness was associated with a higher frequency of primary care attendance.

This was not attributable to poorer health among those who were socially isolated. In Study 3, joining a social group led to reduced primary care attendance to the extent that participants experienced a subjective increase in their social group connectedness. Conclusion: Unmet social needs among frequent attenders warrant closer consideration.

Interventions that target social group connectedness show promise for reducing overutilization of primary care services. The Arctic is very rich in oil, gas and other minerals. In the studies of many authors were established that shift workers in the Far North are affected by three groups of factors: climatic and geographic, associated with a severe arctic climate; production, caused by the danger and harmfulness of production, and social, determined by the group isolation.

It was revealed that professional activity in shifts in the Far North contributes to the formation of unfavourable functional conditions and the development of destructive personal qualities of workers, which lead to a decrease in the level of mental health, productivity and efficiency of labour activity. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to develop a technology for assessing psychological risks in the professional activities of shift workers in the extractive industry in the Far North, as well as the management model to improve the efficiency and safety of personnel.

Development of technology for assessing psychological risks of shift workers was carried out through the organization and conduct of two expeditions to oil and gas fields for the purpose of examining at least people for visiting certain parameters by a research program. However, excessive exercise may elevate negative consequences e. Lately, there is a growing interest in exercise addiction, defined as craving for physical activity, which results in extreme workout sessions and generates negative physiological and psychological symptoms e.

Specifically, there is scarce research on the relationship between exercise addiction and personality dimensions. Hierarchical linear regression with forced blocks entry was performed. Extraversion did not have any contribution to the model.

Something Old / Something New: A Collection of Plays by Roy Battocchio

Conclusions: Emotional instability and negative affectivity Neuroticism as well as lack of control and impulsivity low Consciousness are risk factors for exercise addiction. We live in a global village and the applications at the High Court by divorced parents to relocate, with their children, internationally become more frequent. The impact on the children of such relocation can be devastating and the Courts often call on Psychologists to evaluate the family and children to provide psychological information about the children's best interest. In South Africa, the Children's Act 38 of does not make provision for relocation.

In this presentation, the literature and research about relocation matters, the process followed by Psychologists as well as some case studies will be shared. Finally some recommendations will be made.

Cultural understandings of mental health problems are frequently overshadowed by the western conceptualizations. Research on culture and mental health in the Nigerian context seems to be lacking.

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  6. This study examined the linguistic understandings and cultural beliefs that have implications for mental health among the Berom, Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo people of Nigeria. Aim: The effect of psychological counselling on wellbeing post Bariatric Surgery was examined in this study. It was hypothesized that a patient who attended 6 or more psychological counselling sessions would have an improved wellbeing score. Design: Participants were recruited via an online survey. Patients who had attended one to four counselling sessions showed improvement to their mental wellbeing SF12 score.

    This workshop will explore how a functional, contextual behavioural formulation of perfectionism could be used to redirect perfectionistic responding to support healthy striving, as well as target unhelpful perfectionistic behaviours that maintain mental health disorders. The workshop will present case studies and provide opportunities for participants to explore possible applications with their own clients. Learning objectives: Present a functional contextual behavioural formulation for perfectionism Use case studies to explore how to harness and redirect perfectionistic patterns of responding to support healthy striving and thriving Explore how behavioural treatment strategies could be applied mental health problems such as depression and anxiety using participants' own case examples.

    Aim: Currently, there are no pharmaceutical interventions available for dementia. Attention has turned to lifestyle interventions, such as aerobic physical activity, that may maintain brain health and delay early cognitive decline. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the relationship between aerobic physical activity and prospective memory in healthy older adults and whether this relationship is mediated by brain health as indexed by resting brain glucose metabolism.

    These relationships have implications for creating successful early intervention programs for abnormal aging due to dementia.

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    A simple mediation model using ordinary least squares path analysis in the PROCESS macro for SPSS was carried out, with aerobic physical activity as the predictor, resting brain glucose metabolism as the mediator and prospective memory performance as the outcome. However, this was not mediated by resting brain glucose metabolism, as no indirect effect was found. A trend level indirect effect through depression was found, with an index of mediation of. Despite becoming increasingly multicultural, most western nations are characterized by intergroup tensions.