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It also sounds like Everett began drinking himself to death at this point but why? Eventually, he dies. In the mean time, MWI was gradually being rediscovered and rehabilitated by the likes of Deutsch and novel approaches like a Bayesian justification of Born probabilities developed, leaving off at the present time in which MWI is a respectable position leading to interesting research and believed in by a good-sized minority of physicists; this is interesting, but already familiar to me.

I will have to leave it to other readers to judge how good these parts of the book are. Overall, indispensable to anyone interested in the man, and a good account of a productive yet wasted life. Satan won. And all was well, [a green earth] until… [a capsule suddenly cuts across the earth] one man dared to make… [an astronaut] one small step for mankind… [astronaut using radio] one great leap for metaphysics. Nothing has ever been wrong.

Crapitalism: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars

Nothing could be wrong. As Scott says :. This is going to be a book about good and evil. How do people react to evil? How do they understand it?

Do they tolerate it? Compromise with it? Try to fight it?

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Curse God for creating it? What if twenty years ago the Messiah called for the greatest crusade in all of history in order to conquer Hell itself, failed, died, and now the world is just sort of limping through the aftermath of that without really ever having processed it? The ending is regarded as rather abrupt and seemingly a little arbitrary, although on my reread I found that there was a great deal more foreshadowing of all the twists than I had noticed the first time and everything held together better. I enjoyed it a great deal.

Shades of HFT. Thus, notorious characters like Bugsy Siegel enter into a book about statistics as gambling becomes a major revenue source replacing the loss of alcohol. So Thorp moved onto roulette and the stock market. Which sounds a bit paradoxical.

Obama's 2004 DNC keynote speech

And the risk of buying warrants can be offset just buy buying or selling short just some of the underlying stock. Thorp made money off warrants, and then published the strategy for increasing the credibility of his new hedge fund, and moved onto convertible bonds by applying similar reasoning: the bond should have a certain value which reflects the probability that the stock will spike high enough to make the built-in option worth exercising, and since stocks should follow a random walk, all you need to know is the variance… inventing Black-Scholes. In one amusing anecdote, Black-Scholes used their pricing model to spot a particularly mispriced warrant; then the company changed the terms of the warrants, wiping out the warrant holders and Black-Scholes, in a way that insiders had known was coming and sold all their warrants.

Thorp returned to trading eventually, and in terms of his lifetime performance:. In May Thorp reported that his investments had grown at an average 20 percent annual return with 6 percent standard deviation over The Thorps recently endowed a chair at the University of California at Irvine mathematics department. The gift consists of one million dollars to be invested entirely in stocks, with the university limited to withdrawing only 2 percent a year.

The fund is expected to compound exponentially in inflation-adjusted dollars. Ultimately, Thorp hopes, it will fund the most richly endowed university chair in the world, and will help draw exceptional mathematical talent to UC Irvine. What is a little remarkable to me is how well Shannon did financially by 3 early venture capital investments, and how little Shannon contributed intellectually after his information theory paper; I had always somehow assumed that Claude Shannon, a genius who had offhandedly made a major contribution to genetics simply because his advisor forced him to work on genetics, and had created fully-formed information theory, had died in the s or something, because how else would such a genius have not made further major contributions?

But no! Shannon died in ! Poundstone explains that Shannon was simply too unambitious and perfectionist to work hard on any big topics or write up and publish properly any of his findings! One of the more depressing demonstrations that raw genius is not enough.

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One downside is that despite the involvement of Jimmy Savage, Poundstone never mentions the connections to subjective Bayesianism, personal interpretations of probability, or Thompson sampling. Popper delivers a whirlwind tour of almost all dramatis personae in the rise of Bitcoin over the past 5 years. He seems to have gotten access to and interviewed everyone, from the early coders to especially all the late-entering business and entrepreneur types and the incestuous Silicon Valley VC community.

I had no idea! The description of growth can feel like just a chaos of events, one after another. Here are some corrections I noticed in material touching on particular interests of mine, the DNMs and Satoshi: The nine-page PDF attached to the e-mail made it clear that Satoshi was deeply versed in all the previous efforts to create a self-sustaining digital money. But Satoshi put all these earlier innovations together to create a system that was quite unlike anything that had come before it.

Heartland Institute

Further, it did not compare or contrast Bitcoin in any meaningful way with all the previous work on digital currency like the whole universe of techniques and approaches based on Chaumian blinding. The Internal Revenue Service agent who finally identified Ross did so by searching on Google through old posts on the Bitcoin forum. They did help snag baronsyntax, but the actual cause was the FBI finding the Iceland server thanks, presumably, to Tarbell hacking it , which had a VPN IP hardwired and had a clearnet backup server in Pennsylvania, both of which led back to Ross in San Francisco.

Most bizarrely, Nick altered the dates on his postings about bit gold to make it appear as though they had been published after Bitcoin was released, rather than before…. Most bizarrely, Nick altered the dates: the dates that Nick later put on the posts are at the top of each post. But the URL addresses of the posts still show the original posting date.

Food Opportunity Research Collaborative

Nothing bizarre about it. This is too high and was a mistake in that version of the paper. So as far as your analysis can tell, a 5-star seller just vanished overnight. Freenode banned open proxies, Bitcoin only gained proxy support in the later version 0. I looked into the one person I was able to link to that address, but unfortunately neither he nor any of his relatives or friends on Facebook look remotely like possible Satoshi candidates, so for non-state actors, that is a dead end.

Full disclosure: Popper offered a free copy of Digital Gold to me pre-publication to review, but I wound up not accepting because he was offering a physical book rather than an ebook. The Playboy interview II , ed. Barry G. Golson: pages of dense challenging interviews with 23 famous people Each interview takes a good 20 pages, and these are not small pages, either, but hefty small font pages.

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Particularly memorable was this exchange:. Just what did you mean by that? Almost all of the interviews are worth reading and include good tidbits I wish I could excerpt from my print copy, but overall, I would say the best interviews were: Dali, Shelton, Haley, Arledge, Shockley, and Koch.

The case-studies are in chronological order and primarily WWII-oriented:. Why then are spec-ops not doomed to failure? The commandos sting the elephant and flee before the giant feet can smash them into paste. The parallels with computer security and cyberattacks is clear: a hack can take months or years to research and craft, but when triggered, it can attack and finish within seconds or minutes, far outspeeding the merely human defenders.

The case-studies themselves are interesting. McRaven was able to interview a number of people involved in the case-studies as well as visit the locations to see them for himself. Deception plays surprisingly little role in most of the operations considering its outsized role in the public imagination the St Nazaire raid ship briefly pretended to be German; Gran Sasso brought along an Italian general in the gliders to confuse the Italians; Operation Entebbe likewise involved the commandos pretending to be locals until they reached the building with the hostages, apparently successfully confusing the terrorists inside.

A skim of the Libgen EPUB version suggests that you might be better off with that edition although it appears to drop the photos entirely! Gossipy, detailed, a vivid look inside the industry. Long out of print, I read the online scan 2. Book 2 is especially full of alarming chemical stories. I suspect that some of the anecdotes have been polished up a bit over the years, but as Samuel Johnson once said, a man is not under oath in such matters.

But when Gergel says that he made methyl iodide in an un-air-conditioned building in the summertime in South Carolina, and describes in vivid detail the symptoms of being poisoned by it, I believe every word. He must have added a pound to his weight in sheer methyl groups.