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It's hatch day under the broody hen

Feb 1, Post 2 of 6. Unless there is something physically wrong with their reproductive system, a hen will lay throughout her entire lifetime. Granted, production does slow down dramatically as they age, but even at 10 years old, hens can squeeze out an egg a week.

Caring for a Broody Hen and her Chicks

As long as a hen is healthy, and still ovulating, the hormones could still be triggered for brooding. Do not mistake the normal winter break for a permanent stop of eggs. Feb 1, Post 3 of 6.

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Feb 1, Post 4 of 6. I agree with the above.

Risks of using day old chicks with a broody hen

I've never had a hen totally stop egg production. Even my 7 year old hatchery birds would give me say 3 eggs a week. My oldest bantam Cochin, I think she's 5?

Raised 3 batches of chicks last year. I'm counting on her to do at least 2 this year. Feb 1, Post 5 of 6.

Caring for Broody Hens: Facilitating Egg-hatching

Feb 2, Post 6 of 6. The most reliable broody breed is the Silkie Bantam, and some people raise them just so they have broody hens.

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  4. So You've Got a Broody Hen - How to Break Broodiness in Chickens.
  5. When a hen goes broody she spends virtually all day and night sitting on eggs laid by other hens. Once she settles into serious incubation she enters a near trancelike state and sits constantly, keeping the eggs warm until the chicks start to hatch at day At these times there are methods that you can try to help break the broodiness, which range from repeatedly removing the hen from the nest throughout the day to isolating the hen in a dark environment for several days to interrupt the mindset of broodiness.

    What does the word "broody" mean? from My Pet Chicken

    Want more chicken knowledge? One of the easiest ways to break broodiness is to remove the hen from the coop and place her in a wire cage where she can cool off for a week or so. I had one sitting on a brick last year. Skip to content. How to raise chicks with a broody hen Egg Binding — symptoms, prevention and treatment.