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We recently returned from a vacation trip in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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I shaved everyday and swam in the pool and ocean daily. I had tiny razor nicks below my right knee.

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We came home and the area became very angry looking, knee was stiff, shin hurt, pin began to travel up my knee. I cleaned wound with peroxide and antibiotic cream. Went to doctor on Saturday, drained the abscess. Doctor was surprised at depth of wound and the amount of pus extracted. Repacked wound on following Monday. Foot swelled like crazy on Thursday, emergency room visit for lymphoma in that leg. I was out of town for New Years weekend. The emergency room in San Antonio confirmed that I did not have the flu, and I would get immediate admittance.

They told us 2 days later that if we had waited until daylight 6 hours later I would have probably died. The pain by the time I was being admitted from the abscesses on my colon, and lungs was tremendous.

This Week’s Must Read: The Long Road Home by JH Morgan

My heart was in Afib, and my white blood count was up to 41, and the doctors still were not comfortable I would live. They told me that I was so far gone that any movement could burn energy that I did not have. The days went by, I could not get hungry or eat and did not care. I lost 50 lbs. After 2 weeks the World Health Organization was brought in and their help with the antibiotic cocktail slowly tuned things around.

I spent 11 days in the rehab hospital where after 2 days I became anemic with I am 16 and got it for a military camp I went to a year earlier. There has to be some hope. I true to remain hopeful. One day there will be a cure. My son got staphylococcus aureus from daycare with folliculitis.

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Since he is a twin I tried not to transfer it from one to the other. In the meantime, I transferred the staph to myself in the form of a large boil on the right side of my face. I began taking bactrim and the medicine worked and healed the boil. About 15 days later, I had an ingrown hair on my right breast in the form of a pustule. I went to an urgent clinic and was given another round of bactrim.

I waited about 10 hours and the infection spread through half of my breast and the spot become indurated. I went to the local ER with fever and rapid heart rate. I was admitted on a Thursday night and began vancomycin and clindamycin treatments immediately. On the following Monday, I underwent an incision and drainage of the abscess. The wound cultures returned MRSA. On Tuesday, the packing was removed and I was discharged on Wednesday. On Thursday around noon, I began running fever again.

I called the surgeon Friday morning and was told to go to the local ER. I went to my primary physician and then they sent me to the ER. I went to local ER and was then admitted for more IV antibiotics. I received antibiotics for two more days. I am still trying to get my strength back and getting rid of the staph in my home. I think there needs to be more education about how powerful MRSA is and how it can spread. It started out as an itchy rash on both of my shins, eventually both shins began to seep and my legs began to swell.

My doctor prescribed an antibiotic which seemed to do the job, however two days later the seeping was back. The doctor then prescribed Cipro mg, after about seven days of that I stopped urinating. I told the doctor about this but it seemed to fall on deaf ears; over the next two weeks I gained 30 pounds of water weight.

I got to Vanderbilt hospital in a state of septic shock; they put an emergency tunnel catheter in my chest for dialysis purposes and a Foley catheter in my urethra. I spent the next four days in intensive care attached to a giant machine that did continuous dialysis; my kidneys had failed completely. I know I was the first, but if there has since been another I would like to know, so if you could please post this I would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance. It is a very long and convoluted story how it started, but with the help of your site, I think I can definitely trace some of it back as many as 14 years. I have trouble finding a point that is without a doubt, the beginning, I just know that I was losing my mobility very slowly, and the pain was slowly becoming more and more intense.

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  4. It would flare up. Doctors, specialists, tests. Then I had one of those one in a million chances of having an MRI ordered, and at first it presented as a benign tumor on my brain stem. Then in September of I thought I was experiencing the worst flu of my life.

    But when I no longer had the fluid left for tears, my mother made the executive decision of taking me to the ER. I was transferred to the larger University hospital, about 2 hours away, by ambulance that night. The next day the neurosurgeon opened my skull and cleaned off the pus but found that my mastoid and cochlear bones were completely rotted out.

    There they had to put me on a ventilator because I could no longer breath on my own. MRI scans showed the abscess was back, and larger than before. You see, I was very prone to ear infections as a child. My chances of survival were next to nothing.

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    But in the end they cleaned out the abscess and pumped the gap left in my brain full of 4 different antibiotics. And while I did wake up, and need no machine for breathing, I was connected to more wires and tubes than I could count, ended up with MRSA-related meningitis, a shunt, and more pain than I had ever experienced. Slowly, things have improved.

    He is a MRSA survivor. He started to get very sick on May 15, We thought It was food poisoning, but boy were we wrong!!. I rushed him to the clinic and they simply told us it was a slipped disk in his neck.

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    After running the normal test that they all do, blood, CT Scans, vital signs etc.. We were told to go to PT and start massaging that neck out to get some pain relief. On May 22nd he became paralyzed from the waist down. I rushed him to the ER, and he had fever and very little oxygen. We had emergency surgery on the tip of the spine to remove an abscess in the neck and was put in ICU for the next 4 days.

    I was told he was very, very sick and to pray. He lost all of his motor skills, had to learn how to walk and do basic everyday functions that we take for granted. This is a man who never called in sick, never took vacation. We were blessed that he had all of this sick time and vacation time built up.

    He was out of work for 4 months!!!!. Till this day he is doing to therapy 3 days a week to regain his strength that he once had. We continue to have to draw blood monthly till February to make sure this does not come back. I had gone to meet up with my best friend at his place. During the visit my lip began to throb. I was thoroughly convinced I had been bitten by a mosquito which has happened to me before, weird I know.

    Not to an alarming size but enough for me to think it was an allergic reaction to the bite. The doctors had no clue what was wrong with me; other than noting the tennis sized protrusion attached to my bottom lip. Meanwhile, the infection was leaking fluid into my respiratory system, the lowered oxygen levels caused me to lose consciousness several times.

    Just like my uninformed doctors I did not know much of my illness and figured after the antibiotics were done I would be back to normal. I had no idea that the recovery would be so hard. I weighed that July by September I had lost 40 lbs. That was the least of my worries. That September, I had just enrolled in a top graduate school. It would not last long. My body began to fall apart as the semester progressed. First I tore a ligament in my ankle. Then it was a torn meniscus.