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The rest of his body is made up of one standard and 2 mini-marshmallows. It was impossible to find candy corn for a nose, so instead we used orange Mike and Ike's. I glued my fancy-smancy labels to the cardstock closure on the top of the bag. Doing a label is nice since you can cover the staples. Not a Snowman fan?

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Share this:. Newer Post Older Post Home. What's Hot Right Now! Don't Fear the Zips! Hi, Donna. None of the marshmallows are stuck together. Thanks for the printable! Hope to see you and your Awesome ideas tomorrow night at 7EST! This is so cute! Pinning right now : Thanks for sharing.

Homemade Valentine for Kids: Play Dough Snowman | Coffee Cups and Crayons

Thank you for the idea! These are absolutely adorable! Will definitely be making these with my granddaughter! Oh my gosh, so cute. I took my nieces and nephews to this movie and Olaf was their favorite character. Thank you so much for sharing this great idea!! These are so cute! Thank you for sharing the idea. I would love to make these for my daughters to take into school.

Would you be willing to share the file in a different format? All of my downloads are in zip format because that is the only format my website supports. Zip files are very common, and all computers should be able to open them. The file you want to print is inside the zip file. Hi, Rachael. Since so many people are having trouble with the zip file, I have changed the download link. Now, if you click on it, it should open a pdf of the file that you can then print. Hope that helps! Hi Heidi, I just love those.

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Really a wonderful idea! I will definitely do this for my kid! Thank you. That is so cute! I think my grandsons would love it! They really loved the movie.

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Have to put it on my list. Love the frozen Olaf valentines. Could you help me please Thanks. Hi, Jennifer. I have changed the download link. If you try it now, it should open a pdf of the file that you can then print. Sorry about that Jennifer. The download is a zip file. The image is inside the zip file.

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  • Does any file come up at all when you try to download? Trying a different browser may help. Where in the store did you find these snack bags? Hi, Sara. I hope you find them! Hi, Carole. If you want to add a mouth—go for it! A little snip of licorice might be perfect.

    Valentine Snowman Stock Photos and Images

    Great idea, Ashley! Glad you had fun with the Valentines, and thanks for coming back and letting my know your ideas. Thank you for the great idea. My son drew his own picture of olaf since he loves to draw and I used his picture on the tag. I love that your son drew his own picture, Carly, and what a great idea for an Elsa valentine, too!

    Thanks for coming back and sharing your ideas so that other readers can change it up, too! So clever! Could you Putin another format besides zip? Thanks so much!! Hi, Lori. Love that idea, Kathy! I have that song stuck in my head every single day! My kids sing it constantly. Thank you for sharing your creativity and printables : My son and I just put these together for his party later this week. It means a lot to hear nice things from my readers. These are adorable and my daughter just loves them!

    Snowman's Valentine

    Thanks, Becky. As long as you put them in a ziplock baggie. Hi, Lindsey. I knew as soon as found these on pinterest that my daughter would love them, she has seen Frozen three times!!! Just a couple of things I thought were helpful: When cutting the marshmallows in half, I used white sparkling sugar on the sticky side I think this was a lot less messy than the powdered sugar would have been. I used a toothpick to connect the three marshmallows, just so you could really see the snowman.

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    • So, we used orange slice candies. These worked great and I was able to get 12 noses out of one slice! Thanks so much for posting these!!!! These were such a huge hit with my daughter and her 4th grade classmates. She was so proud to have a creative idea that she made! Thanks so much for taking the time to come back and tell me about it!

      It means a lot to hear that people enjoy my projects! Can you tell me what font you used? How do you manage to find time to comment so often? Am I correct in assuming that your intention in designing these was NOT to have them connected?

      Valentine Snowman

      I used gel icing on the eyes, buttons and nose and that worked out really. Thanks so much for your help. Thanks, Gloria. These are meant to be just for fun—with all the ingredients dumped in the bag. The kids can lay the pieces flat on the table to assemble, or just gobble everything up.

      I did not intend to have anything connected. I hope your grandchildren love them! I love these, absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing! Could you make this PDF with this quote?