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On 6 February Mudge captured the Cherbourg privateer Gleneur 6 off Portland after a two days chase. His command later went out to Halifax and narrowly avoided shipwreck on an iceberg off the Newfoundland Banks whilst returning home in May Thereafter operating off Cherbourg, the Fly took the cutter privateer Trompeur off La Hogue on 24 August, and during the autumn she escorted the trade from the Thames and the Downs to Portsmouth. Mudge was posted captain on 15 November and appointed to the Constance 22 early in the following year, being engaged in convoy duty from Falmouth to Portugal, and returning to the Downs with sixty merchantmen under his care in early July.

During the voyage home he captured the Spanish privateer lugger Venture 2 off Vigo on 7 June, and a day later took the Spanish national cutter Duides 8 which was bound for Havana with despatches that were thrown overboard in the chase.

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The Constance was subsequently in company with the Stork 18, Captain William Parker, when the Spanish privateer Cantara 22 from Corunna was driven onto rocks near Cape Ortegal on 27 July and brought off under fire from the local militia, her lugger consort mounting ten cannon being taken at the same time. On 27 March , whilst the Constance was in Lisbon, Mudge and Captain Charles Davers of the Active 38 were detained from midnight to early the following afternoon by the captain of the guard after protesting over the detention of their barge crews for allegedly smuggling prohibited merchandise.

They were released on the intervention of the British ambassador, John Hookman Frere, and HRH the Duke of Sussex, and because of the possible severity of the diplomatic consequences the Constance was immediately ordered home where Mudge reported the incident to the Privy Council so that a proper apology could be demanded. In August she sailed from Portsmouth for Lymington to collect Dutch troops and deliver them to the Elbe.

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On 23 September Mudge was appointed to the Blanche 36, initially serving in the Channel Islands and off Le Havre, where in June ten men led by her first lieutenant, William Fromow, took a captured fishing vessel into the port and used its familiarity to cut out a heavily laden sloop that was entering the harbour. In July the Blanche was at Torbay with the West India fleet, and after going out to Jamaica she was employed in the blockade of St.

Domingo whilst also enjoying much success against the enemy privateers and in cutting-out expeditions. Warwick Lake, with leading the attack when that officer had provided barely any support to the marine officer, Lieutenant Edward Nicholls. Following the capture of the Blanche Mudge was released home on the orders of Marshal Junot in Portugal. These vessels reduced the Blanche to a wreck after a mere hour-long engagement, and to such effect that she was later set on fire and sunk on the same evening.

Instead, on 18 November, Baker was appointed to the Didon and Mudge replaced him on the Phoenix, joining the Channel fleet off Brest in the following month. Shortly afterwards the Phoenix entered Plymouth before leaving on 20 February for a cruise, in which activity she was engaged for the rest of the year with several returns to Plymouth.


In April the Phoenix was at Portsmouth embarking German troops for convoy out to Lisbon, and she took the French letter of marque Aigle on 29 May whilst returning to Plymouth from Lisbon with despatches. She then spent the summer on the Guernsey station from where she entered Plymouth for repairs after damaging her keel whilst going aground, with the result that two French pilots were court-martialled in November and each deducted three months pay for their error.

In July he was appointed to the Valiant 74, which initially fitted out at Portsmouth for the North American station, but then received orders to sail for Brazil to collect the Portuguese royal family and deliver them to Lisbon. She left Cork at the beginning of October with several convoys and their attendant escort, and whilst in South American waters Lieutenant John Cawley put down a mutiny when Mudge was absent ashore. After returning home she was paid off at Portsmouth in August Manuscript Histories. Autograph Letters Collection. Contact us about this collection. Subjects: Abbott, Thomas J.

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